Day 8: Day Of Signs And Trail Messages

Tuesday, May 2
Start: Warner Springs
Stop: ridge top camp mile 129.25
20 miles

The sky slowly brightens as we tread through the cow meadows of Warner Springs. The cows show their love by gushing pee from their bladders. I stop for a break and squeeze some rabbit pellets out of my ass. Good thing, because there is one hot climb ahead. After gathering water for 12 miles I meet a king snake section hiking the trail. The sweat pours out of me and my skin glissens as I slowly pull myself up the mountain. I’m focused on my forward progress but suddenly I notice rattle snake beads near my feet. I launch myself forward as if I’ve been bitten. I look back and a young rattler is just chillin’ next to the trail. Almost shouting, I say “Why didn’t you warn me?” No response. I push on through the heat, umbrella out and will my feet to carry me into the Herrera water.

After a couple hours of rest, I hike out with Scissors. We chat through the 2 mile climb where we arrive at ridge top camp. There’s like 20 hikers here tonight and we eat dinner watching a stunning sunset.

Leaving Warner Springs

See all the trail notes and signs on instagram

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