Day 7: Do You Take The 100 Mile Picture The Third Time?

Monday, May 1
Start: camp 86.6
Stop: Warner Springs
23.5 miles
Total miles: 109.5

520am start isn’t the sightest bit cool. I cruise making quick miles into the third gate cache. For the first time ever I get water from the cache. Thank you angels! I take a short break before heading back out into the punishing sun. After a climb it’s cruiser miles. With umbrella up and music playing I manage to roll into Barrel Springs by noon. That’s 15 miles by noon! Just before the spring I pass the 100 mile mark but I don’t take a picture.

After a short lunch all I can think about is getting to Warner Springs. But those 8+ miles are​ grueling and slow and the heat kicks my ass. At one point I call Lil’ Buddha and we share some full belly laughs over his sleepless night. A fox managed to get trapped in the culvert trap and it scurried and scratched all night long. I wish I could insert Lil’ Buddha’s comical interpretaions for you to hear. Yazhi could hear it and was on-point all night.

I eventually roll into Warner Springs and promptly take the best bucket shower ever. It’s the cleanest I’ve been in well over a week. The Warner Springs Community Resource Center is closing soon so I blindly grad food from the hiker box for my resupply. Thanks to the overplanning of many hikers, I now have food for the next 60 miles. As darkness falls we retreat to the camping area where there are at least 60 tents. One hiker’s tent is way off by itself and he’s snoring. It’s a thoughtful gesture but he’s not far enough away and the snoring sounds waves wash over all of us.

Eagle Rock

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