Days 5-6: To Julian and Back

Saturday, April 29
Start: sandy camp
Stop: Julian
4.5 miles

We’re up early and hitching before 8am. Julian is awesome and we feast on Carmen breakfast burritoes, Mom’s pie and Nickel beer. Hikers work on their blisters and update their blogs. I chat with Lil’ Buddha and the update is that now that the bear hasn’t been around at night, every other forest friend is visiting to check out the deliciously smelling baited traps. Now the raccoons are having a party down at the chicken pen and even the vultures circle during the day. It’s a full house and luckily Lil’ Buddha can laugh about it.

Sunday, April 30
Start: Julian
Stop: dry wash, mile 86.6
9.7 miles

It’s a free donut morning as we ready for the return to trail. There’s food sorting and water loading. We hitch back to Scissors Crossing but the trail magic we’ve been hearing about is already done for the weekend. Our group of 5 (Tori, Yoobie, Julie now Pacer, Jacob) acquires a few extras as we leave Carmen’s. This guy Dylan has latched onto the group and I can’t stand his vibe. He’s so serious and rude. They hike out in the heat of the day and I wait until nearly 4pm for the big climb. The wind has picked up so I can’t use my sunbrella but luckily the rather forcefull breeze helps keep me cool. The climb is not a torture session and I wind around the folds of the mountain and easily cruise into a camp almost 10 miles out. Just as darkness sets in, hiker Rosie rolls in and joins me.

More pics in my instagram.

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