July 1 Santa Fe, NM I sleep in because REI doesn’t open until 10am. I walk by the newly renovated area along the tracks. Shops and restaurants are interspersed with train stops. I make my REI purchases, pick up the spot my parents have gotten me. Next I catch the Santa Fe free bus and … More Adobe

Spreading My Wings

June 30 Start: Smart’s Mountain, CA Stop: Santa Fe, NM In the already hot morning I don my familiar hiking clothes, collect my paper bag carry-on. Don’t forget my vertical fan box aka checked baggage which contains my backpack and all its contents. It’s never easy but I say goodbye to my kitty Yazhi. He … More Spreading My Wings

Day 46: Grand Layers

June 9 Start: Kaibab national forest Stop: blm land near Zion national park We’re up early and don’t really know what time it is. We head into the park and catch our first glimpses of the canyon. I am no longer one who has studied geology but has never seen the Grand Canyon. It’s unbelievable, … More Day 46: Grand Layers

Day 44: Acid Hitch

June 7 Start: slyline lodge, platoro Stop: pagosa springs 1 Mile Total miles: 678 I’m awake early and write a few journals before everyone else wakes up. We head over to the lodge for 8am breakfast. We ready ourselves for the 23 mile road walk to hwy 17. But then there’s mumblings that we’ve been … More Day 44: Acid Hitch

Day 42: Steep Forest Traverses, River Crossings, Rain = Hardest Day Ever!

June 5 Start: rocky ledge over 12,000 ft. Stop: three forks 10 Miles Total miles: 667 4 am again. The wind is ripping so it’s cold out. The temp hovers around freezing and with the wind chill it’s easily in the low 20’s. We move across the icy snow as the sky begins to brighten. … More Day 42: Steep Forest Traverses, River Crossings, Rain = Hardest Day Ever!